Any follower of the Nigerian music industry will confirm that we have come a long way and that there are stars that made the industry tick, aside the present parade of stars. These are stars that shone brightly at the height of their careers and who are currently missing in the Nigerian music galaxy, have their stars faded or just a change of profession?

Daniel Wilson (The original bad boy)

This ladies’ man that gained popularity with his hit songs like 911, Abortion and others is no where to be found, musically, but has turned a baker after taking over his father’s business, Wilson foods and confectioneries. Is the fountain dry or was He just a trailblazer?


He was born Nya Edward Inyang, and stormed the Nigerian music scene with his fluid raga raps, zest and dance-friendly hit songs. Edward Inyang had a hit song ‘Rosie’ and a host of others add-ons years back, he has not been able to come up with a relevant chart-buster, whether it has to do with the genre of music or a lack of creative juice.

Chris Mba

He had hit songs like ‘Uchenna’ and ‘Baby don’t cry’, which brought him to fame and maybe fortune in the early days of our music industry. Last we heard in 2019 he was down with a heart disease and needed assistance.

Felix Lebarty

‘Lover Boy’, ‘Ngozi’, ‘Ifeoma’ and other of his hit songs rocked the 80’s, and to an extent today as the songs have proved to be evergreen. But the singer eventually turned a pastor.

Dizzy K. Falola

Dizzy K Falola (born Kunle Falola) is a London-based Nigerian singer, currently performing as a gospel artiste, but is perhaps best known as a former 1980s pop star, famed for the hit “Baby Kilode” and he became much sought after, with the inherent wild lifestyle that is associated. He is now born again and a gospel artiste in the United Kingdom.

Alex Zitto

He tickled us all with his evergreen hit track ‘Tikkle Me’, which is still rocking people and the dance floors today, he followed this with ‘Baby Walakolombo’ and this gave him a lot of limelight mileage, but he suddenly faded out, he is believed to be sojourning in US.

Alex Okoroigwe (Alex O)

This pop artiste was red-hot in the 80’sand took pop to another level with songs like ‘celebrate’, ‘Nwa Adanma’ and lots of other songs, including his dance steps.

It did not last as he is now into Digital film, Video and Audio production / post-production in Johannesburg.

Evi Edna -Ogoli

One of the foremost female reggae singers that took the genre to another level with tracks like “Happy Birthday” “Oghene Me” and “Look Before You Cross. The lady that came to be known as the Queen of Nigeria reggae and Africa’s Queen Of Reggae is currently living in France.

Bright Chimezie (Okoro Junior)

The Zigima sound sub-genre of highlife musician was doing very well with hit songs like ‘Ube Nwanne’, ‘Because of English’, African style, etc. He was also known for his beautiful dance steps called ‘legwork’. It was said at a point that he even went as far as moving his family from the city to the village to practice what he preaches about African culture, but for a long time nothing has been heard from him musically.

Mike Okri

He thrilled fans in the 90’s with a sample of Fela’s ‘Lady’ in the song ‘Omoge’, Rhumba Dance, ‘Time Na Money’ and other chartbusters. He left the scene when the ovation was loud, for the United States for a long while, but returned not too long ago and has been working underground.

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