Jazzman Olofin

Former X-Appeal member with Lexy Doo, he is into R&B and Hip Hop and gained prominence with his solo album and songs like ‘Raise da Roof’, ‘Shake Something’, but hasn’t been able to keep up the tempo.

Eddy ‘Remedies’ Montana

He seems the only unsuccessful member of the defunct Remedies group and has never been able to make his mark as a solo artiste; his marriage to Kenny Saint-Brown did not help his career.

Baba Dee

Dare Fasasi dropped ‘Shorty’ and ‘Sodi E’ and ruled the dancehall till he went abroad, since then he has not bothered to re-launch himself because he is into bigger businesses than music. He recently lost his junior brother, Sound Sultan.

Tony Tetuila

The third person in the Remedies trinity, Anthony Olarewaju Awotoye hit solo stardom with his ‘Omode meta’, ‘My Car’ and ‘E go better’ chartbusters, there ends the third bible reading. He represented the art of making good music and the business side of the group, while Eedris was the rough rapper and Eddy Montana was the fine boy and face of the group.

We won’t forget in a hurry how he went solo and started a beef with Eedris on the track ‘Omode meta’ of which the plantashun boyz featured in, remember tuface’s voive in that song? Eedris replied with ‘Wackawikee MCs.

Tony came back with ‘My car’ and the rest is history, as he is still trying to recover from a failed APC election he contested in, in Kwara state House of Assembly in 2015.

Daddy Fresh

Veteran reggae singer from Abia State, Innocent Onyebuchi, popularly known as Daddy Fresh was the founding member, leader, lead vocalist and songwriter, of the group “DE Pretty Busy Boys” which comprises Daddy Showkey, Cashman Davies and Sexy Pretty. He reigned alongside Daddy Showkey and ruled the dancehall with his hit songs like “Elerugbe erue”, “Faka Fiki faka” and “Fiji fa”.

He was honored as the, “King of the Ajegunle Musicians” for his innovation of a music genre known as galala or ghetto music.

The Creative Industry Group (CIG) recently appointed him as the new head of its music section.


Ahmedu Augustine Obiabo, a former member of the Plantashun Boyz, the Nigerian dancehall, ragga, reggae singer, and songwriter is best known as co-writer of ‘African Queen’” with Tuface. He got good follower-ship with his solo album ‘Ghetto Child’, but the follow-up has become overdue.

Although he kept sustainable relations with Faze, his rift with Tuface widened, particularly over the rights to the song ‘African Queen’”.


King of cross-over music Alariwo of Africa (Rotimi Etumudon Martins) debuted with ‘Yawa go gas’, ‘Boju Boju’, but has not been able to cue another crossover hit to that, he is more into event compere, broadcasting and consultancy.


He metamorphosed from being Rasaq Lawal in his secondary school days to becoming the mighty RASQIE that ruled Kennis Music with hits like ‘Ati ready’, ‘Idan’, ‘Soji’ and others, with other artistes like Azadus, Remedies, Platashun Boiz, Kenny Saint Brown, Olu Maintain, Trybesmen among others.

But he has not measured up to the current standard, especially since he was dissed by Ruggedman.

Seyi Sodimu

With his cousin, Shaffy Bello, they created magic back in the United States and gave us ‘Love me Jeje’ and ‘Money man’ Seyi signaled his intention to contend for the top spots in Nigerian music. He has relocated to Nigeria, but he proved not to be equal to the task as nothing has been heard from him in a very long while.

Dr Alban

Alban Uzoma Nwapa is a Nigerian-Sweden based dentist turned musician who thrilled us with songs like ‘Hello Afrika’, ‘One Love’, “It’s My Life”, and videos, he accomplished so much in his career but it has been a long while we heard from him.

Sunny Nneji

‘Mr Fantastik’ was his debut album in 1997 with the hit song ‘Ikebe’, he came back in 2003 with ‘Oruka’ and surpassed the success of the first album. ‘Face me’, ‘Tolotolo’, ‘Ojoro’ and ‘Abosedde’ followed with huge success too. He lost his Glo ambassador status due to non-performance rating and seem to have lost his magic. He is currently on the board of the music collecting body, Musical Copyright Society Nigeria (MCSN).

Sir Shina Peters

He won souls with his beats and ‘ijo Shina’ dance performance, for a long time this afro juju creator reigned as the king of dancehalls and parties were incomplete without him or his music, but all that changed when he discovered that ‘grammar no bi my language’ and nothing has been heard from him for a long time, wishing him soonest recover.

He did a song with Kas, MI, Bez and Nneka in 2010 and was named as one of the Headies Awards performers for October 22, 2011 as recognition for his veteran status in the industry. He was recently ordained as a Bishop of the Cherubim and seraphim church.

Orits Williki

The Kole-man Revolutionaire gave us great reggae hits at his peak, songs like ‘Armaggedon’, ‘Heart of Stone’, ‘Wha’ Dis wha’ Dat’, ‘Conqueror’, ‘Tribulation’, Mubalamumbe’ and others.

Ras Kimono

Oseloke Augustine Onwubuya, popularly known as Ras Kimono was in a reggae group called The Jastix along with Amos McRoy and Majek Fashek, before his ‘Under pressure debut album. This included songs like “Rum-Bar Stylée”, “Natty Get Jail” and others. He got a likkle sugar for his tea, changed his stylee to rhumba and before we could get used to the new style he was gone. May his soul continue to rest in peace.

Majek Fashek

The kpangolo crooner rain maker gave us hits like ‘Send down the rain’, ‘Redemption song’, ‘Righteousness’, etc and was the toast of the nation for a long time till his so-journ abroad.

Even in death his contributions to Nigerian music speaks for him, rest on rainmaker.


Born Churchill Sosa de Gusto, but popularly known as Rymzo, Nigerian born Reggae/Dancehall artist took the music scene by storm with his hit single “Rock N Roll” in 2008. Before the reggae genre could heave a sigh of relieve that a new order had come, Rhymzo faded back into oblivion amidst one controversy or the other.


Genevieve Nnaji, Nkem ‘Osuofia’ Owoh, Omotola Jolade-Ekeinde, Kate Henshaw-Nuttal,  John ‘Mr Ibu’ Okafor and a host of others are Nollywood stars that tried crossing over and ventured into music either to test the waters or to prove their talent.

One album later, a little success here and a little there, they have all disappeared, maybe like the P-Square song says…e no easy!

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