‘Imagine That’ that you are Styl-Plus and you are always “Ready to Go” “On the Dance Floor” because you have been “Unbreakable” for “Four Years” and know how to “Stay Alive”, but haters will want to make you “Run Away” and where that fails, they will  “Call My Name” and take take you to ‘Iya Basira’ and she was able to trap you with her delicious cooking, even if you are touted as the ‘Boys II Men’ of Nigeria, it will take the mercies of God for you to break free. Maybe they have planned and “Ka Fo Lo (Let’s Fly Away)”. ’Is that why we have not heard from them in a while?

But we hear the group split up sha.

Mandy Brown-Ojugbana

She came to limelight with an exciting re-make of Bobby Benson’s “Taxi Driver’ and before we finished listening to the whole album she was gone, back to UK we were told. She re-surfaced some time ago as an on-air-personality with Smooth 98.1 FM and Brilla FM………

Yvonne Belinda Maha

The late Sunny Okosun tutored Nigerian teen pop star who ruled the music scene in the 1980s with her beauty and angelic voice, who released her Okosuns-produced debut ‘Child For Sale’ in 1983, while she was a student at Federal Government Girls College, Akure, Ondo. The album had hit songs like ‘Don’t Treat Me Like a Child,’ ‘Going to School’, ‘Wings of a Dove’ and ‘Diocha’.

She is currently a lecturer at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Brasília.

Benita Iyere Okojie

Nigerian child prodigy and gospel music sensation Benita ruled the scene from her primary school days, with songs like “Osemudiamen”, “Unity Games” and so on. She is currently married with children.

Eedris Abdulkareem

A member of the Remedies group with Tony Tetuila and Eddy Remedies, he went solo with his ‘PASS’ album in 2002 on Kennis Music, this was followed by ‘Mr. Lecturer’ and ‘Jagajaga’ all of which brought him fame, but his scuffle with American rapper ‘50 cent’ in 2004 proved to be his undoing and thereafter the center could not hold any longer for him.

He did Jagajaga 2.0 recently but it was mired in lots of controversy.

Baba Fryo

Born Friday Igwe, he came on the scene with his ‘Dem go dey Pose’ hit track and ‘Notice Mi’, but after that all efforts to rise above that has failed and he is no where to be found.


Udoka Oguamanam popularly known as ‘Slam is an R&B singer that was on the stable of Kennis Music, he thrilled us with songs like ‘Thinking about you’, Booty Dance’ and others but suddenly faded out.

Zaaki Azzay

Voted Nigeria’s artiste of the decade? This Benue State born torchlight bearing singer gave us ‘Na Me go Marry Am’, Mata, Invigilator and other tracks that rocked the house, but the current music trend has proved too much for him to measure up to. He has a music studio in Ikeja and we hear he is into a lot of other stuff, aside music.

Tony One Week

Tony ‘One Week’ Muanagor held us captive with his gyration albums and songs like ‘Everybody Gyrate’, Gyration Reloaded’, ‘Onwa December’ and ‘Kem Kem’. This musician, movie maker, television host, politician and public figure was some time ago in the Anambra State House of Assembly under the CAN party. He now lives in Abuja with his family and is into entertainment business, consultancy and also a contractor,

Daddy Showkey

Somebody’s calling my name ‘Showkey’, yes, we just called this music ambassador who single-handedly put Ajegunle on the music map songs like ‘Dyna’, ‘Welcome’, ‘Congratulation’ and others, any comeback suggestions doesn’t fit the present agenda as he has a standing band and is into more lucrative contracts jobs.

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