It was an impromptu comment but grew to become an idea that just refused to die, going on to become a regular gathering of some of the best upcoming artists that we could lay our hands on.

Some of these where guys we had featured on our blog previously, for their profile and the promotion of their music as it dropped.

We set out to do a song for the Sharemyfame brand,

The participating artists were Angel Erhi (Rachel Erhimeyoma Omherumhe), Jesse Jigga the son of an architect, Esta (Esther Oluwatimilehi), Mhiztar Deebee, Eddie Gospel and Cheey’z.

The title track was ‘Talent Meet Fame’, which has been our brand tagline since inception, it was fitting for the occasion because it helped tell our brand story of being a platform that thrives on helping to spotlight artistes or talents and point them in the direction of fame.

The Lyrics was written by upcoming rapper Jesse Jigga, while Mhiztar Deebee and Cheey’z added their lines to it.
It was produced by Ayetigbo Sodik Abimbola who goes by the name of SDiK.

We went all the way with distribution, as we registered it with MTN music, FreeMe Digital and other platforms. It was our first and we made our mistakes, took corrections and dusted our behind to get ready for more challenges.

It was a test run, turning out to be a huge success and we intend to take it seriously, to make the concept a regular event.


In addition, in our quest as a brand to embrace the Intermedia Storytelling concept, this will come in handy as we intend to record an original movie soundtrack album for every movie we do henceforth.
This will help spotlight young talents that actually have unique talents, build our catalog and open up other streams of income.

If you have the voice and think you can be a part of our all-star, WE AWAIT YOU!

Listen to the track \TALENT MEETS FAME.

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