We continue the third and final part of the great musical production by international artistes that were inspired by Africa.

Without a doubt most of these songs went on to be great hits and most sort after, as they captured the graceful and natural heritage of the African continent.

Some were done with the collaborations of African artistes, singers, instrumentalists and the rest. These helped to infuse a strong African melody and culture to a lot of the songs.


David Bowie – African Night Flight

This song was done by one of the greatest artistes of our time.

Kanye West ft Jay Z – Diamonds from Sierra Leone

These two American rappers collaborated to highlight the plight of the war in Sierra Leone and the use of the diamond from the land to fund the war, with the massive killing of innocent souls. The song came from the ‘Late registration’ album of 2005 and the genre was hip hop.

John Denver – African Sunrise

Have you ever set foot on the black continent, been on a vacation to Africa? Have you ever seen the African sunrise?

What you know about the African continent, its culture, people and so on? Listen to John Denver and be schooled.

Peter Tosh – Mama Africa

From a son in diaspora to a mother in pains, mama Africa how are you doing? The son seems to be hearing of all the news, stories and bad publicity that has befallen his mother. He knows the riches the mother is capable of reaching if only she had a good and visionary father, but that seems to be a mirage.

Peter Tosh uses his reggae genre to sing for his mother continent in the ‘Mama Africa’ album of 1983.

Bert Kaempfert – A Swingin’ Safari

Swingin’ Safari was a big hit for both Kaempfert and Billy Vaughan, and there has never been a brighter, happier tune composed than it is!

Youssou N’Dour – 7 Seconds ft. Neneh Cherry

The Gambia. Youssous language is Wollof! He is just saying “don’t see me Smile and think that I do not know what is under and behind me” African metaphor for self-consciousness. Meaningful Nostalgia now and forever!


From the Lion King movie and the Lion king soundtrack album of 1994 featuring the great Jimmy Cliff and Lebo M. it was supposed to be a children music genre, but almost every one of us are children at heart so it was a hit back-to-back ala Olamide.

Ismael Lo – Jammu Africa

The most lacerating musical “cry” of Africa in the world. The song is all in that prolonged sound of the last “a”. But the whole song by Senegalese singer-songwriter Ismael Lo is persuasive and evocative. “Jammu Africa” is the single included in the first compilation for an international label released by Lo, in 1996.

Hugh Masekela – Soweto Blues

This great African musician, was a South African trumpeter, flugelhornist, cornelist, singer and composer who was described as “the father of South African Jazz”.with songs like “Soweto Blues” and “Bring Him Back Home”. He also had a number-one US pop hit in 1968 with his version of “Grazing in the Grass”.

Bob Marley and the Chineke! Orchestra

‘Bob Marley and the Chineke! Orchestra’ reimagines Bob’s most recognized and listened to songs by adding contemporary classical orchestration to his original vocals.

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