How can the Transmedia or Super Story Model for big film franchise in Hollywood be used to Design Projects for Nollywood Indie Film Product Line Diversification?

The production studio known as Disney has a “formula” for youth products: this is usually to straddle the nonexistent line between adaptation and TM or Transmedia Storytelling.
This helps their film franchise approach to flood the market with multimedia products, not just the movie product.

Many comics from the MCU or DC Universe have been adapted to video games, feature films, animated shorts, comic book, prequel or origin stories, sequels, spinoffs, novels, audio plays, live action web series, live action television series, music, film, radio, print and digital comics, graphic novels, short story anthology books, mobile episodes, etc.

If well handled, this Super Story model can attract audience participation like fan pages. The Nollywood film makers can also create social media accounts of characters or the film title, like ‘The Lizzie Bennet Diaries’, a web series adaptation of Pride and Prejudice with Twitter and Tumblr accounts.

Why do we need Super Story?

This helps to seed story-lines and give room for interaction between characters online with new stories.
It also helps to create concept Art for the film as a marketing tool.
Comic books can also be created out of this, with new stories.
Self published novel with new stories, character back story or Graphic novels.
Animation movie with new stories on characters.
Original Movie soundtrack album.
Movie story.
Fan fiction or stories, common bases for fan fiction include novels, movies, bands, and video games.
Create lots of other interesting digital content.
Video games.
Coloring books to attract young kids.
Featurettes or short documentary on new stories subjects.
Best selling book series spawns films, officially developed immersive fan sites, social media, video games, stage plays and spin-off films.
TV interviews and shows.

What does it offer?

Transmedia storytelling:

Offers back story
Maps the World
Offers us other character’s perspectives on the action
Deepens audience engagement.
….More content

So how exactly you use Transmedia or Super Story Model for your film?
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