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This is Nfor Roland Ngala!

He is multi-creative and multi-creative is him!

Name/Stage Name: Nfor Roland Ngala/Nfor Ngala

Company/Other Business: A Keyhole Konsept

Unique Traits: I am a rare creative whose craft is unique in its versatility, I guess am a polymath in the making.

Bio – Short biography/brief background

Born Nfor Roland Ngala, I have grown from drawing, to writing, photography, film directing, music production and almost everything under the umbrella of creativity. My knowledge has turned out to be quite vast, cutting across science and technology. The blend of Art and Science will definitely produce things of marvel.

As a film maker, some of us appreciate the fact that we are cultural curators or gatekeepers of our society, and when handled properly we can use both the science and art background to bring the best out of marketing our culture and heritage.

An art meets science kind of marriage, made possible by the cinema.  

I have taught Fine Arts in Lagos and Enugu, while also assisting in Nollywood film production sets as a screenwriter, cinematographer and art director. As a disciple, my dedication to any artistic course is nothing short of remarkable, as in my own little way I might consider myself a mentor to a lot of film makers in the Cameroonian film space.

People that I have helped or encouraged to continue on this journey.

Age: Nfor Ngala was born on the 10th of October forty years ago, in the North West Region and was raised in Street Five Mulang, Bamenda.

Marital Status-if single anyone in the radar? Married

Education: Bachelors in Theatre Art Performance

Hobbies/Likes: Watching movies

Most embarrassing moments- Not being able to do what I want to do.

Your area(s) of competence in entertainment – Film and Music Production

Favorite color: Gray

Your Challenges in the profession/industry – Finances

Philosophy in life – Hard work pays

How will you want to be remembered – By leaving behind a legacy attached with my name

What the future holds-new projects?

The production of two feature films titled “Ela” and “The Wallet”, Production of an Extended Play (EP) rap album.

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