Much Ado About Game of Thrones 8


The hype, the thrills and suspense that greeted the long delay of the eight and Grande finale of the landmark HBO TV series, Game of Thrones, has not abetted even after the premier.
From the trailer, new intro and the high cost of production, the general consensus is still on the fact that it was worth the wait.
In the first season Jaime Lannister and Bran Stark got into a conflict in Winterfell that cost the latter the use of his legs.

In this final season, they are meeting again, but Bran seems to have the upper hand.
Jon Snow, the bastard that refuses to be fatherless will have to reclaim his throne over the seven kingdoms, from his lover turned sister, the mother dragon.

Death matches south and all the brave soldiers match north to defend their land.


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