Laurel Chikezie


She is versatile and versatile is her!

Laurel Chikezie is a jack of many entertainment trades and a master of them all: a singer, model, actress, writer and an entertainment platform owner.  No mean feat for someone so young.

Name/Stage name

Laurel Chikezie

Company/Other business

Am the founder of Laurelversatile TV, a singer, writer (songs, script, book), am a model, actress, presenter and entrepreneur.

Unique traits

Am rare and versatile (I do a lot of things)

Bio -Short biography/brief background

I am from Owerri West in Imo State, Nekede. I am child number 5 out of 10 children, my dad is a business man, mum is also into business.


I started writing songs at the tender age of nine, I didn’t produce it but it was used strictly for ministrations in church. My second song, which was my first time of recording in a studio, was the one my friend in school featured me in.

I enjoyed the experience so much and that’s how I started my music career, my first produced song was called ‘Ekele’ and my second produced song was called ‘Mystery’, you can still find these songs and more online.

I used to sing in church but stopped, I don’t believe everyone must be in the choir, you can have a fulfilled music ministry without having to be stereotyped in the choir.

I know for some it is a training ground to launch on to greater heights, I actually know that someday I will go back to be a part of the church choir.

People should expect some music videos from me very soon: one of my old songs titled ‘Amazing Grace’ and another one titled ‘David’s Dance’.

Laurelversatile TV

I started my TV platform in 2020, during the Covid session, but Laurelversatile TV is my brand name for everything I do, from my music to comedy, movies and a lot of other entertainment stuff.

My YouTube platform has contents like our flagship series called ‘WETIN DEY VEX ME’, a series created for the Nigerian people to vent and self-express, to speak their mind on what they don’t like about happenings in the country.

We also try to use this series to drive funding to the people that are spotlighted, to see if viewers and friends can rally round to take care of WETIN DEY VEX ME.

Everyone from all over the world are watching, and have the avenue to be heard on Laurevasertile TV, we cover stories all over the world, physical or virtual, feel free and slide into my DM so we can spotlight you and your story.

Our other programs celebrate stars, another one showcases gifts and achievements.

I have always loved presenting since I was small, my elder sister, elder brother and uncle also have passion and do present too.

My diction is from ……I don’t know o, that is just me or maybe because I relate a lot with foreigners, so it’s not fake.


I started acting in church, my first script was written for our church drama unit during our Mountain of Fire and Miracle (MFM) church Youth Drama Festival, we won the overall award for the drama and over 5000 people attended.

Our pastor loved it and helped to costume us properly.

Sometime later our choir team went for a ministration in another church, it turned out they were presenting that same play that I wrote and we won an award with, they probably didn’t know.

As for me, I was happy that my script touched lives, so I had found my calling in drama, they all thought the interpretation of the play was so real too, as I played the role where I killed a lecturer.

I then started comedy skits on my elder sister’s TV show, ‘Recreation TV Show’, my elder brother’s role was called ‘Goody Banty’ while I was ‘Ochi’ or laugh in English.

I also starred on my own TV series ‘Moma’s House’, and other skits and series.

I also compose songs for movies.


I am not a kid neither am I Methuselah.

Marital status-if not, anyone in the radar?

Hmmm, well am not married


My primary education was at Saint Anne’s Primary School, Ikotun, Lagos.

My secondary was at Army Children High School Ikeja GRA, Lagos, but I had to finish my secondary school in a public school when my mom and dad broke up, life was crazy then hahaha but fun you know.

I attended MHS Okota Secondary School and Ajibay College.

I went on to study business administration at Yaba College of Technology

And currently studying media/mass communication at Joint Professional Training Support International (JPTS), a private university connected to South America.


I love music so much; I don’t think I can survive a whole day without listening to music.

I love traveling and meeting people from different countries.

I enjoy working with people all across the globe

Most embarrassing moments?

That must have been when my siblings and I visited our aunt’s house each of us with a running stomach. We had all eaten oily meat at home, it was delicious and we greedily ate more than enough, not knowing it was poisonous, my mom had warned us.

The day was so crazy because, aside the aforementioned health issue we also missed our house address, on our way home.

And the second embarrassing moment was when I went for an audition, only to run back home because I was menstruating, I didn’t know it would turn out so heavy.

Most accomplishments in life so far?

It may sound weird but I don’t see any accomplishment that I would ever have that would be higher than being God’s own army.

Your area(s) of competence in entertainment

Am a singer, actress, presenter, writer, model, voiceover artist, I compose songs for adverts, I create ideas, I create comedy skits, I write scripts, etc.

I do all round entertainment, like I said earlier “I am versatile”.

Favourite role or part in the movies done so far?

I think I have acted more of comedy skits and series

I also acted as an old woman on my TV series titled “Moma’s House”

Which do you love more-modelling or acting and why?

I love both, I am an all-round entertainment, it’s never a dull moment for me when it comes to entertainment.

Favourite color

You can call me “green lady”, laurel leaf is green remember?

Your Challenges in the profession/industry

Well, I would say the challenges we have most times is nothing other than financial challenges, we all have ideas but the money to push out most of our crafts takes God’s grace. All the same we will keep pushing till the cash is available.

How rich or comfortable are you? 6 or 7 figures or comfortable

I am very rich in ideas and wisdom

Philosophy in life?

The best of gold must pass through fire…

How will you want to be remembered?

I would want to be remembered for changing people’s way of reasoning and affecting their lifestyle. I also would love to be remembered for changing a certain ridiculous way of doing things in the society or the world generally.

Role model-Nigerian/global?

I love Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, she is like a goddess to me. I love when a woman is so simple, having her own style of dressing and still being at the top, the fact that her brain is what has gotten her to the positions she is today, not just in her country but she is excelling globally. She is a star, a great woman of steel.

Your opinion about the entertainment industry?

I believe decreeing positivity into Nigerian industry will go a long way, the Nigerian entertainment industry shall grow to the level of Hollywood someday, we are getting higher that’s my believe. No negative vibes.

Your advice to upcoming talents?

Whatever you do, never get tired, pay the price and persevere, just keep pushing and someday you shall excel. And never allow anyone’s words of discouragement get to you, learn how to make yourself unique.

What the future holds-new projects?

Currently, I am still working on my online TV platform, Laurelversatile TV and we are working real hard to make it a place we can get everyone all across the globe to come together, connect and work with each other, no matter where you come from.

It is also a platform to help fight racism, a major problem we hope will be able to end soon.


We are getting there very soon, I will have you not forget that Laurel is an award on its own, so I don’t seek for it, but it will find me at the right time.

Last word?

I want to say a big thanks to the Sharemyfame brand for giving me the opportunity to let the world get questions they have been asking me via all my platforms on social media and through direct messaging.

I get tired when I come on line and I get like 15 -30 people asking the same questions “tell me more about yourself”. Now I can gladly go online and tell them to go and check out my biography on your blog.

Sharemyfame is proud to be associated with a talent of your status and we are humbled to help share your fame.

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