You must be born and named Laolu Senbanjo.
Be good in your chosen career of the Yoruba Ori Artistery.
Be a citizen of the world, locate yourself in the world capital of entertainment.

And that is the secret of the now famous ‘Sacred Ori Art: Nigerian Visual Artist Laolu Senbanjo and his World of Spiritual Afromysterics’.

Laolu Senbanjo is a New York based, self-taught and now world-famous sacred Ori art exponent.
He has successfully put the Yoruba heritage on the global map via his creative designs.
In his words, his unique style is a rich combination of traditional African art forms and symbols with contemporary American influences and is better known as Afromysterics.

Laolu NYC Ori Art gallery

The Sacred Art of the Ori is a form of ritual body art, aimed at facilitating the spiritually intimate experience.

In Yoruba, Ori literally means your essence, soul, and destiny. It is what makes you who you are, your identity or spiritual signature. The verbal Oriki art, a renowned praise-singing act that is used to eulogize an individual is also taking form from this definition.

This art form is to draw what’s on the inside – the soul and inner being – on the canvas of the skin.
This is a deeply spiritual experience for both the ‘work of art’ and the artist, creating an intrinsic connection between the two.

The artist and the muse connect their minds, bodies, and souls on a higher level. The artist paints the Muse’s spirit and soul from that connection. The art breathes life into both the artist and the “artwork”.

This art has found itself in pop culture, being the theme of Beyonce’s 2016 album “Lemonade” and one of the designs adopted by Nike.

Laolu (Olaolu) Senbanjo, also known as “Laolu NYC”, is guided by the idea that all things; be it paper, walls, people, buildings, cars, you name it — are his canvas. EVERYYYYYYYTHIIIIIIIGGG is his canvas!

By placing his artwork on just about any and everything he can get his hands on, Laolu seeks to leave a part of his art and Yoruba heritage wherever he goes through one canvas at time. 

Laolu has worked with big names like as:

Taraji P. Henson, Lupita Nyongo, Alicia Keys, Swizz Beats, Danielle Brooks, and has had his Sacred Art of the Ori body ritual featured on Beyoncé’s 2016 Grammy award winning “Lemonade”.

He has graced the covers of The New York Times alongside having features in The Fader, Vogue, Vice, CNN, BBC, and more.

The list of collaborations is ever-growing and currently include those such as Kenneth Cole, Nike, Equinox Fitness, Starbucks, Belvedere, Bvlgari, TED, and many more.


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