The village headmaster drama, in the local parlance, was a hit back-to-back, ala Olamide baddoo. It was a drama that revolved around the headmaster and the Oloja or Kabiyesi of Oja Village, and how they were able to outwit situations and external factors in the favor of the people of the land.

Among the cast from inception till it was rested, a handful went on to become true royalty, kings that were crowned to lead.

And like the drama suggests, they had been well equipped for the task ahead. We celebrate those found worthy to be royalty, rulers, kings and obas, who sat on the throne. They include:


Dejumo Lewis was actually the longest serving Oloja or Kabiyesi of the show, he comes from a ruling family in Erijiyan, Ekiti State. But he seems to have abdicated the throne, as he says his personality doesn’t work well with being stereotyped as a King. Having earlier left the straight-jacketed priestly and opted for acting.


Chief Eleyinmi was crowned that Alaye of Ode Remo in Ogun State, in 1990.  Oba Funsho Adeolu, Sataloye the Second, the Alaye of Remo reigned till he died in 2008


Councilor Balogun was summoned by his people in Aramoko, Ekiti State to mount the throne as the Alara of Aramoko in 1998.


He was the man that was brought in to package the concept for television, and he went on to become the first producer and director.

He is currently His Royal Majesty the Olowu of Owo.

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