No matter how expensive or beautiful the wedding reception gets to be, there is a hundred percent surety that it will crash or end in divorce. This is because the ceremony is just a day out of the life of a marriage, so if the couple involved have not taken out time to plan for the hard times it will come and catch them napping.

Where two or three are gathered, there is always the possibility of conflicts resulting from their individual different backgrounds that comes into play. Marriage is no bed of roses and couples have the onerous task of preparing for those bad times, even in the good and smiley days.

Being friends, having an open line of communication, accepting the fact that they didn’t marry perfect partners and a lot of other points will help to maintain the relationship.

So we hear some days back that our own darling baby, Korra Obidi, the Nigerian dancer married to a foreigner, and who has for a while now regaled us with breath-taking dance steps online is having a difficult time in her marriage.

The husband broke the news of a possible divorce, claiming he was being used in the union, Korra has come out to confirm the news.

Sometimes it’s not about this says or who says, nothing to do with who is right or wrong, but we wish and hope they find a way to sort out their difficulties and remain together, for the sake of the two children.

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