The Sharemyfame Universe


If you love entertainment, practice entertainment, or are connected in any way to it then we should come together and speak entertainment with a creative accent, the outcome of this can only make us beat our chests and brag about being fluent in entertainment.

ShareMyFame is a one stop entertainment platform to spotlight and promote upcoming talents.
Our culture is entertainment and we make it possible for talents to be developed and meet fame.
From music to movies, comedy, animation, sports, poetry, dance and others, the talents abound, and Sharemyfame is here to create value.
We definitely are fluent in entertainment.

Talent meets Fame!

🇳🇬Did You Know:

👉All the average entertainment talent needs is to develop or outsource the skill set relevant in the showbiz sphere to help refine and monetize their talents.

👉The average Nigerian wants to sit in their comfort zone and not take risks. The creative industry is about disrupting the norm, innovation.

👉A broke and hungry talent can partner with talents of like mind and synergize to create results, but they each prefer to be the boss of their Zero brands.

👉We are a 200 million strong populace, the entertainment sky is too wide for two birds to collide. There is room for you, but be good.

👉That I am in a garage doesn’t make me a car. That you are just starting out and are at the bottom of the ladder doesn’t define your destiny.

👉Young film makers need to push the envelope, come together as a block to attract funding and good agents for monetization of their contents.

👉Watch our short film titled “Apes Obey”, a campaign against jungle justice in Nigeria.